MIL OSI Aggregation

MIL-OSI Content Product and Services

Multimedia Investments Ltd’s founder and managing director, Selwyn Manning BCS (Hons.), MCS (Hons.).

MIL publishes over 35,000 items of global English-language open source information (OSI) reports per month.

Multimedia Investments Ltd sites,, and publish raw news reportage, analysis, and open source information. As such, we are well positioned as a significant resource of global OSI, particularly considered from an Asia Indo-Pacific perspective.

MIL-OSI PRODUCT: MIL specialises in Government-to-Government information sourcing. Our OSI product provides a gateway to information released to journalists and other entities by leading global powers.

Our largest platform,, provides up-to-the-minute aggregation of global geopolitical information relevant to the Asia and Indo-Pacific region. It provides raw news based on information sourced from governments – including G20, OECD, emerging market countries & economies, external powers, global bodies, and includes open source information on security, defence, business intelligence, trade, and resource exploration and extraction sectors.

MULTI-LANGUAGE PRODUCT & SERVICE: Each month, we also publish over 20,000 items of OSI content in French, German, and Spanish languages respectively. On request we can also translate content into any of the primary languages.

OTHER SITES IN MIL’S OSI NETWORK: is an Auckland-based news and analysis media business that specialises in breaking raw news and providing open source information originating from the New Zealand Government, the Beehive, from Parliament, political parties, New Zealand’s public and private sectors, business, NGOs, and from leading decision-makers and opinion-shapers.

LiveNews provides clients with a valuable insight into information that journalists and analysts rely on. Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL) managing director Selwyn Manning has announced a joint venture between MIL and highly regarded Germany born and based journalist and author Ingo Petz.

The initiative sees MIL establish and take 50 percent ownership in the raw news and analysis aggregator sites and provides up-to-the-minute aggregation of geopolitical information sourced from governments and other leading organisations/entities based within the Eurozone, Russian Federation, Belarus and the Baltic states.

Management: Multimedia Investments Ltd is managed by New Zealand-based founder, Selwyn Manning – MCS (Hons.), BCS (Hons.). Selwyn has over 28 years of experience within the journalism/government/media sector.

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