About MIL


Selwyn Manning.
MIL’s founder and MD, Selwyn Manning.

Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL), is an information investment company based in Auckland, New Zealand managed by its New Zealand-based founder, Selwyn Manning – MCS (Hons.), BCS (Hons.). Click here for Selwyn’s bio.

MIL’s portfolio of business interests include: information assets, content aggregation and analysis services.

MIL established and owns the following information outlets: LiveNews.co.nz ForeignAffairs.co.nz EveningReport.nz and holds 100% ownership in NewzEngine.com and 50% ownership in NewsKitchen.eu de.NewsKitchen.eu.

MIL’s content OSI sites publish over 35,000 English language items per month of global geopolitical information – providing this information to market-leading analytics giants around the world. As part of MIL’s multi-language OSI service, our platform also translates this content from English into a broad offering of other languages and exports this product to clients with language-specific information needs.

MIL’s content publishing engines position the company as a significant provider of raw news and global open source information specialising in info sourced from governments, external powers, global bodies, including up-to-the-minute info on security, defence, intelligence, trade and economics, global banks, NGOs, energy operations, resource exploration and extraction.

MIL’s analysis service provides assessment and evaluation of the political environment specific to New Zealand, Australia, the economies and island states of the Asia-Pacific region. MIL’s service specialises in the analysis of geopolitics, cyber-security and ICT, and business intelligence issues.

MIL’s editorial content sites, EveningReport.nz and, in association with Dr David Robie’s AsiaPacificReport.nz, provide robust, and publicly accessible, analysis and reportage on issues specific to the Asia Pacific region.

MIL’s media relations investment: MIL owns a 100 percent stake in NewzEngine.com – a news release publisher-distribution-syndication platform that allows clients to easily compose media releases, distribute their content to media and journalists, and syndicate it to global and domestic information aggregators.

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