MIL Launches Evening Report – Independent Interactive Realtime Debate

Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL) has established and launched as the home of New Zealand’s independent interactive realtime debate. - Independent Interactive Realtime Debate. – Independent Interactive Realtime Debate.

EveningReport is designed with realtime interactivity in mind. Along with published articles, columns, and analysis it will webcast video debate and interviews on-site in realtime and on-demand.

Public and audience interaction is also key to EveningReport’s brand.

The ‘You Live‘ platform (which is now live) is a first for a New Zealand current affairs site. The ‘You Live’ section provides a live text, live audio, and live video platform for you, the audience, to debate issues in real time. Also, you can still use the comment function at the foot of articles just as is the norm on mainstream media sites and blogs.’s editorial policy is simple:

It is founded on public interest advocacy of humanitarianism, environmentalism, progressive economics, sustainable business practice, and security.

Its agenda is also simple:

If a decision has a positive impact on a community/region/sector then the issue will get a positive run. If the impact is contrary to progress then the causes will be identified, the effect examined, solutions explored, and decision-makers challenged to put it right.

Evening Report is the latest eMedia information site to be added to MIL’s portfolio. With its public interest-focused analysis and reportage, Evening Report is especially complimentary to MIL’s raw news aggregation open source intelligence and information sites:,,, and

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