Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL)

Global Open Source Intelligence

MIL publishes over 35,000 items of global open source information (OSI) reports per month.


MIL OSI: Information Sourcing

MIL specialises in Government-to-Government information sourcing. Our OSI product provides a gateway to information released to journalists and other entities by leading global powers.

Our product includes OSI on security, defence, business intelligence, trade, and resource exploration and extraction sectors.

Up-To-The-Minute Information

MIL provides up-to-the-minute aggregation of global geopolitical information.

MIL provides raw news based on information sourced from governments – including G20, OECD, emerging market countries & economies, and also includes raw reports sourced from external powers, global bodies, corporations and NGOs.

Analysis & Multi-Language Service

MIL also provides analysis and reportage to its clients with a specialisation in foreign affairs, security, and political outcomes.

Multi-Language Content: MIL can deliver translated editions of its MIL OSI product in any primary language that a client needs. It undergoes the same processing and delivery as MIL’s English language product.

Delivered Direct to Clients

MIL’s open source product is delivered securely to global clients via XML or JSON formats. It is delivered in realtime or every 15 to 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

MIL’s product is cleaned of unstructured elements, it is structured, formatted to a client’s required specifications – the source entity is identified in each report and has idiosyncratic metadata applied.

High Value Intel Resource

MIL’s raw content is acquired directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating at the time of publication.

MIL’s raw reports provide a highly valuable resource for analysts and researchers who need to track and acquire knowledge of what is happening, when and where its happening, and importantly what is being said and by whom.

24/7 Contact & Support

The MIL team has representation at significant locations around the world and can be contacted at any time to discuss clients’ and potential client’s needs.


Analysis based on factual data

In an age where fact is a valuable commodity, MIL provides a product that can be relied upon. MIL’s open source intelligence (MIL OSI) product is factual in reporting what the source entity has stated at the time of publication.

Analysts and researchers can then apply a time-line methodology to compare what occurred in the past against the present and derive an assessment of what is likely to occur in the near future.


Source Identified


MIL OSI Reports


Providing MIL OSI for 14+ years

Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL) has been providing reliable open source information to global clients since 2010. What can you expect from MIL’s information products? And what services does MIL provide?

MIL’s OSI Product – Can I customise what type of content I receive?

Yes, definitely. MIL can export to your business or entity our full information feed or customise your feed to include only the type of information that you require.

Does MIL guarantee that its OSI product is factual?

MIL guarantees that the OSI product reports are acquired from the specified source, and that the information is a true account of what the source is stating at the time of publication. This provides a valuable product that can form the basis of analysis, including time-line analysis that compares the past with the present to determine the likely outcomes in the short and medium term.

What other services does MIL provide?
What media sites and apps does MIL own?
I understand that MIL produces podcasts and live webcast discussions and debates?

Keep an eye out for a joint-venture podcast-platform that MIL is developing that brings MIL’s production expertise to community network members (in development and coming soon).

Keyboards going away?

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of your information and media production needs.

SMS: +64-21-611958

HQ based in Auckland, New Zealand.